Nation of Hawai’i Expanding its Relations With Different Countries of the World

Nation of Hawai’i Expanding its Relations With Different Countries of the World

Kathmandu. Independent and Sovereign Nation State of Hawai’i has Intensified the expansion of relations with various countries of the world. It has been co-operating with many countries of the world in tourism, trade, peace and economic Development.

Just a few days ago, it signed an agreement with African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6), the Republic of Vanuatu (represented by the Vanuatu Trade Commission – Ghana), and the World Indigenous Bank.This landmark treaty, signed on Monday, January 15, 2024, positions the Nation of Hawai’i Central Bank as host to the World Indigenous Bank, marking a new era of economic and spiritual cooperation, and the growing capacity for the Nation of Hawai’i to manage banking and assets.

It is believed to strengthen various aspects including trade, investment, tourism, culture, peace and friendship. This reflects a commitment to sustainable development for all indigenous, tribal and indigenous peoples Globally.

H.E.Tejendra Sharma Poudel Ambassador of the Nation of Hawai’i to Nepal, has also played a co-ordinating role in making this agreement.

After the agreement Nation of Hawai’i President & Head of State, Pu’uhonua D.B.K. Kanahele emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This treaty marks a turning point for our nation and the world. We are committed to building a future grounded in principles of Aloha and the continued pursuit of Independence for the Native Hawaiian people.

2nd Vice President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Kealoha Garcia said “The Nation of Hawai’i is strengthening our expanding network within the global aboriginal, indigenous, native communities and is strategically positioned to facilitate commercial trade and sustainable development that is aligned with the restoration of aboriginal culture and climate action.”

H.E. Amb. Prof. Hugh Keku Aryee, Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana said-Island states are greatly exposed to natural disaster and climate change, making this agreement equally important for the Republic of Vanuatu. Trade in goods and knowledge are at the core of climate action, and small islands must work together in their sustainable efforts. The Vanuatu Trade Commission – Ghana represents a sovereign trading partner of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and is able to leverage resources in ECOWAS to the value-added proposition of development in between Vanuatu and Hawai’i, as well as trade within the Pacific Island region.

His Royal Majesty Rex Semako I & VI, Chairman of ECO-6, described the multilateral agreement with ECO-6, Vanuatu and the Nation of Hawai’i as being essential to the fulfillment of the aspirations of global community as it relates to climate action and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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